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Have you ever read Gulliver's Travels?


Klaudia will come if you ask him.

Nothing else matters.

Bradford and I worked together in Boston.

This is same type of camera as the one I lost.

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.

He is no saint.

She filled the vase with water.

She's easily distracted.

Please wait until I come back.

You burned the paper.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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Game over.

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Christmas is approaching.

I recognized him immediately since we had previously met.

Art watched Arnold swim.

My father's success counts for nothing to me.

My wife suggested to me that I take her on the trip.

Wendell didn't seem mad.

Why do all the guys like her?

The sun is bright today.

Martyn always seems to be complaining about something.


Jean-Christophe doesn't need to know that.

Don't twist my words around.

You're not going, are you?

You'd better see for yourself.

I haven't seen you in forever.

Terry is studying to become a marine biologist.

I'm currently a teacher at this school.

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Everybody speaks very highly of Ando.

The man begged me for money.

"What does the dog say?" - "Bow, wow."

Kriton talks in his sleep.

I had to tell them that myself.

Just ignore her.

If you push a button,either you will die or you will live.


Both of Gregg's parents are teachers.

Stuart likes playing football.

Rhonda left this.

Hirofumi is coming here this afternoon, isn't he?

Who are we fighting?

You're wearing my shoes.

I'm going to be a father.

They chatted over coffee for more than two hours.

You kind of look like her.

We do business with the United States.

Lisa is going to crash here for a while.


I'll take two or three days off.

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Do you like the city?

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He makes a religion of never wasting a penny.


Can you tell me what this means?

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Yesterday I finished the job.

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The express train from Paris arrives at ten o'clock.

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They have admitted their defeat.

She did not come even as far as my house.

Mann, are you all set?

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Don't go anywhere.


Do you still want me, Tiefenthal?


We are flying over the Pacific.


A mystery disease caused the grapes to wither on the vine.

I wonder if that is Arne.

Apart from the cost, it will take long to build the bridge.

I feel happiest when I'm running.

Pete is very quiet.

On the whole, Kamel has almost never been late.

I asked Sandy to come yesterday, but he didn't come.

Something's terribly wrong.

He makes a rule of attending such meetings.

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The priest participated in the children's games.


Lars was hired.

Previously the mechanic took a lot more.

Adlai encouraged Geoffrey to buy a hybrid car.


If he should come in my absence, please ask him to wait until I come back.

Many people dream about fantasy vacations.

Lance was visibly shaken.

I hope to see you in Boston.

There's still plenty of time.

Monica would've succeeded if he'd worked harder.

A fly is as likely to land on shit as it will on pie.

Would you call up my husband?

Is that something for me?

Charley made us laugh.

The proposal has its good points as well as its bad ones.

Will you give me a lift to the station?

I can explain this.


I had to get her to school.

Yesterday, a thief entered the house.

I'm breaking in my new shoes.

His wife was old but he loved her.

I'm going to explain it once more.

Dawson denies doing that.

Does he have what it takes?


We put the desk by that window.


I'm overworked.

You know how I feel about that.

You give up too easily.

It will bring down trouble on your family.

No one can understand your letter.

Kenneth spent the day in the park.

Spinach is a rich source of iron and calcium.


I think I'm a pretty normal guy.


This poison is very effective in getting rid of roaches.

I'll give you a call later.

Don't fear being put upon. Fear instead being unable to help.

Would you like to try it on?

My English is incorrect.

I had my camera stolen.

Don't judge people from the way they look.

Where does your family live?

That's what they call 'prejudice'! It's wrong to make your mind up on something you've never experienced!


Let's stop wasting time and get on with this work.

Tony saw green fields and small, quiet villages.

You have no sense of humor, do you?

Do you want to see my bedroom?

I just did what you asked me to do.

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We have to wake up.

I know you've become more open-minded about these things.

I'll give you another minute.

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Tell us what's going on.

Do you understand him?

We do not offer refunds on any item.


My little sister sometimes wished she was a boy.

Defense wins championships.

Larry worked for a local Mexican restaurant.

Are you still dating her?

You allow your children to play in the street at night.


I never dreamed so many people would come to my concert.


Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

Bring that here.

She's afraid of abandonment.

Will you look after my cat?

Tanaka is allergic to wheat.

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Next February, I'll be going to Australia for one year to study.

Sam quickly opened the drawer and pulled out a gun.

Saumya will be there for a few days.

I know you want to marry me now, but don't you think you'll have second thoughts afterward?

I'm never going to do that again.

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The students stormed out of the class as soon as the bell rang.

The drug must go through clinical trials before being approved.

Is there enough food to go around?

What's the problem with your computer?

I'm expecting a call.


He's looking at you. Do you know him?

He ran away when he saw the policeman.

It cost less than fifteen dollars.

He is good at imitating her Irish accent.

I've got plenty of food.

I didn't like her at first.

Mom! That lady and man are holding hands. They're great friends, aren't they?


You shouldn't read a book in a room this dim.

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Do you understand each and every right that has been explained to you?

I try to take few medicines, if possible.

I thought Graham would have found Edith by now.

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The weather is as fine as can be.

That's a great poem.

I don't think I can do that just now.


She gave him everything she owned.

I found the broken camera.

I think you both know them.

You know it.

What the hell were you thinking?